I. Registration: Primary Account

  • Select Account Type.
  • Enter name of primary user.
  • Enter all other primary user information requested on screen.
  • Select Register. 

  • You will see a Confirmation Message: 

Thank you. Your registration has been submitted and confirmation link has been sent to your contact email. 

  • Check your e-mail for an e-mail regarding your registration.
  • The e-mail will indicate: 

Your account request has been granted. 

Please click here to complete your account setup.

  • Click as indicated and you will be brought to the Create Account screen
  • Create a UserName and Password; enter the password twise.The password should be a combination of letters and numbers or characters.
  • Submit your User Name and Password and you will be brought to the Sign    In Screen.
  • Sign in using your new User Name and Password and you will be brought to a Passcode Delivered screen indicating that a Passcode has been sent to your e-mail address. The passcode process is only required upon initial registration and occasionally for security purposes.
  • Retrieve the Passcode from your e-mail and click I have a code, continue to Sign In to sign in to NYSIF ClaimCentral.
  • Input your Password and Security Passcode and click Sign In.
  • You will be brought to the New Bill screen.
  • You are now ready for Entering New Bills or Registering Secondary.